What Clients Say

annette2Annette & Tom

Tom is a home bred ID/WB born in 2008 who currently competes up to 1.20m show jumping.  Kate started treating Tom when I was finding him very tight through his neck and shoulders and he was fixing on one particular rein.  I found that after only one treatment there was a dramatic improvement.  The more treatments he has the more he improves and Kate’s treatments are now a regular part of Tom’s maintenance routine.  Tom loves his treatments and is relaxed he has on occasion nearly fallen over.

Kate also treats me and following a serious knee injury, is the only person to improve the pain I suffer on a daily basis.  Her treatments always make me feel better.


Amy & Bellaamy2

Since Bella has been having treatments with Kate her flexibility has improved and she’s more supple and relaxed through her shoulders and poll (her problem areas) which has brought up her dressage marks considerably when Eventing.  Her bascule over a fence is superb now too as her shoulders are much looser which makes her tidier over the bigger fences.  Kate has also helped my imbalances too which Bella is pleased about!


Dee & Hellis

My dog Hele badly sprained his front leg. Kate gave him a Bowen treatment and his movement was much improved, not to mention the fact that he really enjoyed the experience and pushed for more.