Laser Therapy

Coming soon… Laser therapy to be offered on visits for veterinary referrals and a ‘home use’ system available for hire (a simple pre-programmed device suitable for lay person use)…

Laser therapy optimises healing for shorter lay-off recovery times from a range of conditions and injuries. Quick, painless and non-invasive, low level laser therapy can deliver remarkable results in pain-relief, wound healing and soft-tissue repair. Both acute and chronic conditions can be treated effectively with rapid healing of good tissue quality with limited scarring.

Low level laser treatment optimises natural healing by modulating relevant cell activity with light of controlled wavelengths and energy density. There is a wealth of research on the physiological effects of low level laser therapy using Class 3B lasers and much of this is easily available online, for your own research purposes.  A good, simple introduction tot he topic can be found here on the website of Omega Laser Systems, who I am training with.

The anti-inflammatory effects of laser are often relied upon when drugs are contra-indicated but increasingly the value of considering laser first is becoming apparent to more practitioners. With laser, inflammation is reduced as part of the optimised natural healing process so it addresses the problem rather than the symptoms as NSAIDs tend to do. From muscle spasms and bowed tendons to mud fever and capped hock there is a laser therapy protocol to help.