My life long passion for horses and my own horsemanship journey have lead to my fascination with how much can be achieved with the softest touch.  This translates into my work as a therapist, coach, rider, my personal life and beyond.  I believe a horse and rider should work in partnership, with balance and harmony, and that the best way to achieve this is to take a holistic view of both, as one unit.

I have competitive experience in Show Jumping, Dressage & Western, enjoy exploring the countryside with my four legged friends and gain much pleasure from seeing and feeling all the little steps of achievement that come with training horses.  So whatever your discipline or riding goals I can empathise with your experiences and share your journey in making dreams into achievements.

To me, good horsemanship does not require a particular hat or saddle, that’s just fashion.  Good horsemanship is about producing a safe, responsive, athletic equine partner for whatever you choose to do together.

I am a NLP practitioner and Body Mind Worker so believe that the mind and body, of both the horse and rider, need coaching and support to allow you to progress well, and be happy and successful in what to you choose to do.   Please get in touch to discuss your riding or life coaching needs, dreams, or goals.

There are some wonderful horse people around the world who give their time and knowledge to those of us wishing to grow and develop… here are some of my favourite quotes to help inspire you: