Massage Therapy Systems

For improved suppleness, muscle tone and overall condition to help support performance or rehabilitation let your horse benefit from advanced physiotherapy technology.


Cyclonic Massage Therapy & Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy are now available using top quality Activo-Med Therapy Systems.  The Activo-Med Combi Pro rug provides pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) and massage therapy across the horse from poll to tail from strategically placed PEMF spools and cyclonic massage modules located over the main muscle groups.  The battery operated pre-programmed control box operates both applications in one combined therapy session.


Cyclonic Massage Therapy can be used for relaxation, to tone or warm up muscles, loosen tightness in the tissues, improve circulation by oxygenating the muscles and stimulate lymph drainage and removal of waste products following exercise.  Just as human athletes can benefit from sports massages to help loosen tight muscles and maintain optimum performance, horses can too. When this therapy is included inside Activo-Med products, the strategically placed cyclonic modules work on key muscle groups at the correct pressure and sequence to generate the best possible results.  As with humans, massage can be used to help maintain condition and can also be used for general well being, for relaxation, pre or post exercise and for rehabilitation.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) uses a range of different frequencies to help stimulate different cells in the body, helping them to work more efficiently.  Whilst PEMF can be used day to day for general health and well being, it can also be used for rehabilitation and healing, helping to aid the repair of soft tissue injuries, reducing inflammation, for pain relief and even aid the healing of fractures. The effectiveness of PEMF therapy has been FDA approved and is widely used by well-known organisations such as the NHS.


I have an Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug available to bring to clients for treatments.  Prices start from £15 for a 25 minute treatment including call out, or £10 for up to 45 minutes of treatment if I am already on the yard treating another horse/person.

The rug can help to:

    • Improve muscle tone and overall condition
    • Improve flexibility and suppleness
    • Relax sharp horses
    • Make older horses feel more youthful

The thermal images below show the patterns of an asymmetrical horse before and after a 25 minute session.


Before Treatment                         After Treatment

Many top riders and trainers from every equestrian discipline rely on the Activo-Med Combi Systems to support their horse’s peak performance.


FMBs Therapy Systems supply the UK with Activo-Med products, visit their website for further information, or get in touch.


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I also have a Niagara Equissage Rider’s Back Pad available for hire in conjunction with visits to your yard.  Let me know if you would like to try it!